A Curated Cloud was born to make the final steps of documenting your family's life EASIER for you.... it is a LOT of work. Here's the thing - you've already done all the work!! You've pulled out your camera or your phone and have documented this crazy life. The problem is, you may not have the patience, energy, or time to sit down and preserve your photos.  I TOTALLY understand that, and am here to help! 

For me, feeling excited and relieved at the same time is one of the most incredible feelings on the planet. How exciting would it be to put all your photos onto someone else's plate to take care of? How relieving would it be to know all of the time you took to TAKE those photos and videos wasn't for nothing?  I'm so excited to get to know your family through your eyes, and make sure your family has these memories to pass down to their children.

The packages below give you a general idea of what is offered, but every single Personalized Curating will be just that - personalized. Please reach out below to chat - I want to figure out how I can help you best!

Personalized Curating

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